Dear Clutch! Users and Fellow Gameday Fans,

With all due respect to the other months, September is the best month of the year. It stands alone as the first month on the calendar each year with weekends full of college football. That makes September at least a three touchdown favorite over all other months. Yes, I’m aware of the magic of the holidays, the beauty of spring, the joys of summer, but nothing really marks the start of a new season like September Saturdays, especially in the South.

Every year, it feels like the college football season will never get here. I’m convinced the month of August has some extra days built in that we’re not aware of. And the irony is that once the season is in full swing, it all goes by way too fast. You wake up one day, and it’s early December. Conference championships are being decided, bowl invitations are being delivered, and the next thing you know, it’s the dreaded offseason. 

But that’s all part of the uniqueness of college football. The moments are fleeting. That’s what makes them so special. Teams have just twelve chances to prove themselves during the regular season. Players and coaches work 365 days a year to compete in just a dozen events that are so important to so many people that they build actual statues of the highest achievers.

So, as our second Clutch! football season kicks off this weekend, I offer a piece of advice. Let’s not let these next 90 days go by so quickly without soaking up those fleeting moments. Take in the sounds of gameday crowds, savor the barbecue and beers at your tailgates and pause to feel the losses that may come, because without them winning wouldn’t be as thrilling as it is.

The long annual wait for college football season is finally over. Best of luck to your teams and Happy September!


Hunter Strickler

CEO of Clutch!

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