These are stressful, unprecedented times in college athletics. Many athletic departments are having to move back ticket deadlines for the fall football season, which will put a strain on the timeline of printing and shipping tickets and parking passes to fans. 

If your organization relies on physical parking passes for donors and season pass holders, you may be worried about these tight deadlines for ordering, printing and shipping passes to fans. If you’ve been considering digital solutions to enhance the fan experience on gameday, now is a great time to consider taking your parking passes digital. 

Clutch! gives athletic departments the flexibility to instantly distribute digital parking passes to fans and to ensure those passes are valid for full seasons, partial seasons, or individual games. If you need a better and more flexible approach to parking pass management, we’re here for you.

Not only are digital passes easy to distribute, they’re fan-friendly too. Fans and donors claim their season passes electronically using a unique claim code that populates their digital wallet with a pass for each home game. From there, fans can transfer passes to a friend with the tap of a button or redeem them on gameday when entering the lot. 

In addition to digital donor pass distribution, athletic departments can also accept all payment types in paid lots using the Clutch! point-of-sale system and list single-game parking passes for sale on the Clutch! app. Ole Miss Athletics used Clutch! to generate new revenue and gain operational efficiency during the 2019 football season, which you can read about in our Ole Miss Case Study. The Clutch! system keeps track of your parking inventory in real-time, so you can sell individual passes right up until kickoff. Lastly, you can oversee all parking activity in the Clutch! Command Center, a customizable dashboard that will show you lot utilization rates, pass transfer activity, and even alert you when big donors arrive.

As sports fans, we are hopeful that this football season will happen as scheduled. We also want to help ease the uncertainty as much as possible for both fans and athletic departments. If your organization would like to explore digital options to help alleviate these concerns, we’d love to hear from you. You can request a demo here or email us at

Clutch! is a gameday parking system built for sporting events and venues. With Clutch!, college athletics departments can reduce or eliminate printed parking pass distribution, offer reserved parking, and/or utilize an integrated point-of-sale system to process credit card payments and log cash sales.