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Find your event

select from a list of local events

Reserve your spot

browse lots by price or location

Enjoy the game!

arrive with the confidence knowing your reserved spot awaits

List Your Spots

enter your address, # of spots, price per spot, and any extra amenities

Greet Fans on Gameday

when fans arrive, direct them to their spot within your lot

Get Paid!

We collect payment from fans in the app, and distribute to you after the game.

Go Digital

eliminate unnecessary printing costs and the administrative hassle of managing thousands of physical passes

Simplify Pass Management

make activating new passes, selling unused passes, and transferring passes between fans more efficien

Eliminate Scanning

Manage pass redemption for each lot with no scanning and no investment in external hardware

Leverage Your Data

Know who’s parking on your campus; gain valuable insights into traffic patterns and lot usage rates.

Make Your Next Event Clutch!

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We’re sports fans just like you.

And like you, we love gameday, but we hate gameday parking. So we’re building a solution to upgrade your gameday experience starting from the moment you arrive on campus.

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