Clutch! For Fans

Say goodbye to circling the block searching for a spot. With Clutch!, there is always reserved parking for every fan. Browse available spots now or enter your phone number and we’ll send you a download link so you can start browsing spots for your next gameday.


Features For Fans

Reserve and pay through the app in advance

Arrive knowing your reserved spot is waiting for you. You can book your spot weeks in advance or on your way to the venue (if you aren’t the one driving of course!).

Search and filter for your perfect spot

Sort available lots via distance or price, so you can find that VIP tailgating spot right next to the stadium or that affordable spot a brisk walk away.

Find your spot on a map

Select your spot based on its location in your college town, and see a preview of your walk to the stadium before you purchase.

Pay via credit card

Don’t worry about stopping at the ATM or finding exact change in your wallet. With Clutch! you pay in advance via credit card so there is no exchange of cash on gameday.

Access amenities provided by sellers

Sellers offer a wide variety of amenities on the app, from a bottle of water to restroom access to tailgating space.

How It Works

What Our Fans Say

Clutch came through

Finding a parking space for a major college football game is never easy when you don’t have old school connections. They clutch app enabled me to locate multiple available spots and select the one that was both geographically and walk to he stadium appropriate for my needs with a few clicks. The checkin procedure at the parking spot was effortless. I used the app twice this last season and look forward to using it again next season. I highly recommend this app.

Modernization of game day parking

The app is in the process of changing a market that has stayed the same for decades. The app helped me get back my game day as a seller, while also making parking less of a hassle for my friends and family.

I never circle the block anymore!

I always get the best spot in a lot that I didn’t even know existed before Clutch! Came along. They have small lots from private businesses that you’d never get access to before. Five Stars!!

Clutch Review

Very easy and efficient !! I booked my parking spot the night before the game and showed up to my parking spot the next day and parked with no problem. This saved me a lot of time and stress in finding a parking spot at the Alabama football game this weekend. Great app !!! I will be using clutch every weekend.

Lives up to name.

The app could also be called “convenient”, but that isn’t as cool. I went to a Bama game recently with two kids combined age of 8. Driving to the game, I knew they’d have the restrained energy of a zoo cheetah waiting to bust loose. Having a parking spot close to the game and the ease of booking it on the way was a huge help to my enjoyment of the day and personal sanity. HIGHLY suggest this app as a part of your game ay experience.


Used it for the first time and all went well. I would feel better if the parking attendant wore something or showed me something that confirms they are indeed processing the transaction for Clutch. If you’re in an unfamiliar lot and a stranger wants your phone, it helps to know they are indeed a part of your transaction.

Coming In Clutch!

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Make Your Gameday Clutch!

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