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Say goodbye to the days of printing and shipping physical passes. Issue digital passes to fans instantly, accept credit card transactions using an integrated point-of-sale system, and sell single-game passes in underutilized lots. Do it all without expensive hardware. Oh, and watch it all happen from the Clutch! Command Center.

How It Works

We’re flexible. Select any combination of these fully integrated Clutch! solutions:

Clutch! Command Center

Keep track of all gameday parking activities using our customizable dashboard called the Clutch! Command Center. The dashboard gives you a real-time look at revenue, usage rates, individual fan arrival times, and all transfer activity.

Ways Your University Can Use Clutch!

Eliminate expensive hardware costs

Clutch! does not require a significant investment in hardware. Lot attendants simply need a mobile phone and optional square reader to get started.

Allow fans to easily transfer passes

Your donors and fans can transfer their parking pass to a friend with the tap of a button. When they do, we’ll tell you who they transferred it to, when the transfer recipient arrived, and how to contact that fan in the future.

Go cashless

Counting, carrying, and tracking cash is antiquated, time-consuming, and inefficient. Clutch! can help you transition to cashless parking by accepting credit card payments for both advanced reservations and point-of-sale transactions.

Access passes offline

Fans can always access their digital parking passes even in low or no-connectivity environments.

Connect with your fans in new ways

Deliver real-time notifications on traffic alerts, gameday promotions, and pre-game festivities to targeted groups of fans.

Deliver a better fan experience

Treat every fan like a VIP by allowing them to secure reserved parking, access their pass anytime, check-in easily, and transfer passes to a friend with the tap of a button.

Get notified when VIP donors arrive

Track every individual big donor’s arrival with real-time alerts sent directly to your Development staff.

Ole Miss Athletics + Clutch!

In an effort to go cashless and maximize revenue in three underutilized lots on campus, Ole Miss Athletics used Clutch! for single game reservations for the 2019 football season. By leveraging the benefits of digital pass distribution and real-time data collection, Ole Miss maximized revenue, eliminated administrative time and costs, and delivered a premium experience to fans.