Marathons & Races

Give your attendees a designated place to park. Simplify your marathon and race parking by partnering with Clutch!. Offer single or multiple event parking passes. Access all lot activity and financial information in real-time using the Clutch! Command Center.

How It Works

We’re flexible. Select any combination of these fully integrated Clutch! solutions:

Clutch! Command Center

Keep track of all gameday parking activities using our customizable dashboard called the Clutch! Command Center. The dashboard gives you a real-time look at revenue, usage rates, individual fan arrival times, and all transfer activity.

Ways your event can use Clutch!

Allow runners to easily transfer passes

Your runners can transfer their parking pass to a friend with the tap of a button. When they do, we’ll tell you who they transferred it to, when the transfer recipient arrived, and how to contact that runner in the future.

Access passes offline

Participants can always access their digital parking passes even in low or no-connectivity environments.

Deliver a better runner experience

Treat every runner like a VIP by allowing them to secure reserved parking, access their pass anytime, check-in easily, and transfer passes to a friend with the tap of a button.

Get notified when VIPs arrive

Track every individual sponsor or VIP’s arrival with real-time alerts sent directly to your staff.