There were many memorable moments during our first Clutch! football season. Thousands of spots were listed in Tuscaloosa, as sellers found creative ways to make their lots and spots stand out from the rest. One seller, Tut Wilson, truly understands what Clutch! is all about – making the gameday experience better for every fan. We wanted to hear more about her experience selling her “All-inclusive Parking & Tailgating Package” spots that offered the complete Alabama tailgating experience just 50 feet from Bryant-Denny Stadium. A spot in Tut’s lot is not just a place to leave your car; it is a ticket to the hottest party in town, complete with TV’s, refreshments, and dozens of other football fans tailgating in the shadow of Bryant-Denny.

We spoke with Wilson to learn more about her experience as one of our top Clutch! sellers! Read her exclusive interview about what inspired her to list her spot, what success she found and what her plans are for future Alabama football seasons.

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: I grew up in the small town of Lavaca, Alabama an hour and a half from Tuscaloosa. I come from a family of proud University of Alabama alums and have three degrees from UA – a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Marketing, and an MBA in Finance. I’ve worked at the university for over six years now, in both recruitment for the MBA program and in Development, traveling and meeting students’ families and helping them get engaged with the university.  

Q: How did you hear about Clutch!?

A: I heard about Clutch! online and immediately reached out to my dad, the owner of our property. I have been saying we needed an app to raise awareness of our parking for a couple years now!

Tut Wilson (left) and her family have been avid fans of Alabama football for many generations.

Q: What made you want to become a Clutch! seller?

A: Because of our awesome location, sometimes the streets are blocked off and those looking for a spot don’t know they can get this close to Bryant-Denny Stadium. With Clutch! you can secure your parking spot in advance and then get through the barricade to tailgate right beside the stadium. Otherwise, if we wanted to park cars for an event like the High School Super 7 or a scrimmage, sometimes we had multiple people standing on 12th Avenue with arrows pointing toward 11th… Keep in mind, we presell spots for the entire football season, but sometimes we have a couple of extra spots, so Clutch! helped fill the gap.

Q: Describe your experience with Clutch! this football season.

A: It was a fun first season with Clutch! We learned a lot about how to market our unique experience and pricing. The team was extremely supportive. They proactively reached out with assistance and were helpful when we had any questions or issues. We loved the people who tailgated with us. We are a tailgate experience – not just a parking spot to leave your car. Some were repeat customers with plans to return in 2019. We have no doubt this upcoming season will be even better!

Q: What was the inspiration behind listing your tailgating spot? Can you tell our readers more about the listing?

A: 819 11th Avenue has been our family tailgating lot since 1994. Since then, we’ve had over 50 cars at each home game. We started with porta-potties and tents, and we would haul huge TV’s from our upstairs duplex each Saturday. Now we enjoy a permanent setup with two nice restrooms and a flat screen. Families have been tailgating with us from the get-go, and we’ve met thousands of new friends and guests along the way. As we have a spot or two available, we enjoy opening the opportunity up to others to soak in Alabama tailgating in the shadows of Bryant-Denny. Fans can stay put or check out Rama Jama’s a few steps to the right or the Walk of Champions and the Strip a few steps to the left.

Q: How did you arrive at the price point for your listing?

A: As mentioned, we have season pass holders, so we must to be fair to them. We have dynamic pricing, considering the game and also factoring in all of the amenities provided.  

Q: What was your favorite part about selling with Clutch!?

A: That when our first person booked a parking spot my rep was so excited! He emailed me directly! I love the personal interaction with the Clutch! Team as well.

Q: (If you are selling on Clutch! again next year), what are most looking forward to? Would you do anything differently?

A: We made some adjustments through the season and finished strong, so we are looking forward to picking right back up with some sales and the chance to meet more great people!

To learn how to become a Clutch! seller visit our Sellers Page. Follow our blog to read more stories like Tut Wilson’s. Football season may be over, but you we have spots listed for Alabama Basketball games on the app! Make sure to reserve your spot for the next home game at Coleman Coliseum!