A Look Back At Clutch!’s First Football Season

With college football season wrapping up, Clutch! is taking a step back and looking at how far Clutch! has come from its launch in August to now.

Brand ambassadors were a crucial part of this season, giving up parts of their gamedays to become human billboards, hand out flyers and promo codes and assist with all things Clutch! whenever it was needed. With impressive success at both the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa and the SEC Championship in Atlanta, Clutch! is on the lookout for more opportunities to see how fans can continue to take advantage of their services at more venues.

Sellers blew the Clutch! Team away by going above and beyond and offering large tailgating spaces, golf cart shuttle services to the stadium, motorcycle parking and so much more. Fans were able to get their gamedays back, as we gave them access to thousands of parking spots to reserve in advance since August 1.

“We had a blast this season connecting with so many fans and helping them solve their parking challenges at a number of different campuses,” Clutch! CEO, Hunter Strickler said.

Ambassadors Spread the Word

“Heading into the new year, we have big plans to build off this momentum by expanding to more events, more markets and offering premium services to enhance the overall fan experience,” Strickler said.

Clutch! has expanded its number of college campuses tremendously since the beginning of football season, including The University of Michigan, The University of Tennessee, The University of Georgia and Auburn University. Clutch! has also started offering spots for other sports. Parking spots for The University of Alabama and University of Alabama Birmingham basketball games have been added as Clutch! events for this upcoming winter.

New Horizons for Clutch!

Outside of college campuses, Clutch! broke into the professional football world and is now available for Atlanta Falcons games thanks to fan reactions to parking at the SEC Championship.To add to the growing list of Clutch! endeavors, the Clutch! team headed out to Las Vegas last weekend for the MiLB Winter Meetings to showcase everything Clutch!.

The Clutch! team is so thankful for all that their buyers, sellers and supporters have done to make their first season well…Clutch!. They look forward to growing with all of you. You are Clutch!