Stockton Ports Go Digital with Clutch!

The Challenge

The Stockton Ports, Oakland A’s Class A-Advanced Minor League Affiliate, needed a way to accept credit card transactions in their two parking lots. Before Clutch! the Ports only accepted cash from fans paying to park, which presented a number of issues including a longer wait time, the need for each attendant to have exact change, and a lack of insight into their lot utilization rates. Lot attendants would rip up a ticket each time they sold a cash spot and count the tickets at the end of the night, only then understanding how much their lots filled up that night. They needed a system that would keep track of all of their parking activities in one place, but many of the available options required significant up-front investment in hardware.

The Solution

The Stockton Ports adopted Clutch!’s integrated point-of-sale and inventory management system to accept credit card transactions, validate advanced reservations and log cash sales in one platform. The Ports also did not need to invest in scanners or expensive equipment; they accessed the technology with just a few smartphones and credit card magstripe readers. In addition, the Ports instituted digital season parking passes to make parking easier for each season ticket holder without the hassle of keeping up with a physical pass all season. 

In total, the Ports utilized Clutch! to:

    • accept credit card and cash transactions via an integrated point-of-sale and inventory management system, providing valuable insights on revenue tracking by lot, entrance, and payment type
    • distribute digital season parking passes, allowing fans to transfer passes when not in use with the tap of a button
    • sell single-game parking reservations, eliminating parking challenges as a barrier to attending a game while also saving time

With Clutch!, the Ports were still able to accept cash sales, and were able to do so in a much more efficient manner and with higher accountability to each lot attendant. Each lot attendant simply tapped a button on the Clutch! app to log a cash sale, then the organization could access that data in real-time along with their other parking data in an online dashboard called the Clutch! Command Center.

Data Insights

By utilizing Clutch!, the Ports can now easily access all of their parking data in one convenient place: the Clutch! Command Center. At any time before, during or after the game, the Ports can access their lot utilization rates, total sales (via single-game reservations and credit card/cash transactions), and current transfer totals. They can also read fans’ comments about their experience. Lastly, any time a fan transfers a pass or makes a single game reservation, that fan’s contact information can be added to the Port’s email marketing database.

Fan Experience

The Ports’ overall fan experience improved as a result of working with Clutch!. Season pass holders easily claimed their digital passes through Clutch!, had access to all their passes digitally throughout the season, and did not have to keep track of a physical pass. Fans could pre-reserve their single game parking and tailgating passes, eliminating their worries about getting to the ballpark early and having to bring cash. Lastly, fans could also transfer their digital pass to a friend with a click of a button for any game during the season. 

As an added bonus, the Ports were also able to utilize Clutch! to accept credit card transactions and single game reservations for events at the nearby Stockton Arena, including the Stockton Heat hockey games, G-League Kings games and shows like the Harlem Globetrotters and Cirque du Soleil.

Results From The Partnership

Future of the Partnership

The Ports had such a positive experience that they renewed their contract through the 2022 season. While their 2020 season is currently postponed, we are hopeful that the team will be able to play ball later this year. The Ports are adding a few elements to their contract with Clutch!, including taking their season passes to at least 50% digital, adding in mini game plan bundles, and utilizing improved app features for lot attendants. Using Clutch!, the Ports can target fans who made a number of single game reservations or received multiple transfers last year for their new mini game parking plans. Clutch! is looking forward to another several years of this great partnership.

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