Birmingham Legion

The Birmingham Legion FC launched their inaugural season in 2019. Top of mind for the Legion front office was delivering an exceptional experience to the nearly 6,000 fans expected at the opening game, starting from the moment fans began arriving at BBVA Compass Field. Because limited parking was available in both a parking lot adjacent to the stadium and in a nearby parking deck, the Legion needed to understand their fans’ pregame behaviors, including which season parking passes were used, how often, where those without passes were parking, and what time they arrived.


The Legion employed Clutch! to:


  • Distribute digital season parking passes, allowing fans to transfer passes when not in use with the tap of a button
  • Sell single-game parking reservations, eliminating parking challenges as a barrier to attending a game
  • Accept credit card and cash transactions via an integrated point-of-sale and inventory management system, providing
    valuable insights on revenue tracking by lot, entrance, and payment type

Operational Efficiencies

Within the first few weeks of their season, using arrival time data from Clutch!, the Legion operations staff determined that 97% of fans arrived within a 2 hour window prior to each match. This allowed Legion to reduce the required lot attendant hours by 60% over the course of the season, saving both time and money.

Fan Behavior Insights

On average, 100 Legion fans per game either purchased a single game reserved parking pass or transferred a pass to a friend. For each of these parking interactions, Legion gained fan contact information to add to their database for marketing and promotional campaigns. Through the Clutch! Command Center, Legion could track season pass usage, lot utilization rates, and arrival times for each individual fan.

Clutch! also provided Legion additional insights on fans who were multi-game parking pass buyers and multi-game pass transfer recipients, including:

  • Who they were
  • When they purchased a pass (or received a transfer)
  • From whom they received their pass
  • What time they arrived at the game.

These lists of multi-game buyers and transfer recipients represent prime candidates for additional season ticket holders for next season.

Results From The Partnership

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