About Clutch!

We are a team of avid sports fans who became frustrated with certain aspects of our gameday experience like traffic and parking. Based in college football-crazed Birmingham, AL, we attend college football games nearly every fall Saturday where getting to and from campus and finding a reasonable place to park can be a downright awful experience. When we started asking around, we realized we’re not alone! We found that, for many college sports fans, parking is their #1 complaint about gameday logistics. Many fans end up driving around looking for someone holding a cardboard sign that says, “Park Here $30.”

We’ve been on both sides of the transaction, and we decided there’s a better solution. So we built a mobile marketplace for gameday parking that connects fans searching for parking with sellers offering spaces near stadiums and event venues. While our app works for any and all events where demand for parking is at a premium, we decided to launch right here in Alabama around major sporting events like college football and minor league baseball games. We are constantly building new features and exploring opportunities to bring new events to the Clutch! platform. At Clutch!, we’re building you a better gameday experience from the moment you arrive on campus. Parking is just the beginning. So download our app today, and get your gameday back!